Writing a Quality CV

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Writing-a-Quality-CV Writing a Quality CV


Writing a Quality CV


Opinions about what makes a good CV are divergent. Depending on who you are listening to, you are likely to receive a variety of answers (some of which are likely to contradict each other). For example, some people will tell you that it has to be one page while others tell you it should be three. Similarly, some counselors will advocate taking a section on goals while others make fun of the mere suggestion.)

The opinions on this topic are therefore very different.

I hope that the reaction to this article should be less contradictory, if somewhat more enigmatic.

What is a good CV?

A high quality resume does the job and results – not just once, but (with a little rework) over and over again.

Significantly, a good CV is not a one-trick pony. Yes, certain factors such as a good presentation are important, but in the whole scheme of things, even fundamentals such as the presentation are still only a part of the multi-layered dynamic puzzle. and it is unlikely that you will get the job of your dreams with a well presented but poorly written resume.

In addition, there are actually many other factors that must fit harmoniously into the equation if you want everything to fit together perfectly and ignite all cylinders. The best CVs, for example, presentable, readable, balanced, focused, relevant and of good (concise) length. The first impression should be cheap and immediate, and your resume should be tempting and appealing enough so that the employer can read it to the end.

What will you need?

It all sounds so easy. However, the reality is very different and it is difficult enough to write a “good” CV, let alone a high quality one. That’s why many thousands of jobseekers engage professional writers each year to do the work for them.

Of course, not everyone wants to hire a professional resume, and if you want to create your own DIY resume, you need to make sure you follow the steps below.

The most basic requirement is to ensure a correct English spelling and grammar. If you are using MS Word, use at least the spell checker. In addition, you must ensure that your CV format is attractive. If necessary, use a handsome template. The best CVs say more in less words. So if your resume is rather long, refine it to a maximum of 2 pages. Clutter is a big turnoff. Therefore, use bullets (and, if possible, single-spaced bullets), as this facilitates another important factor – readability.

Other tips include making sure that your resume looks balanced and not one-dimensional, that the content is relevant, and that you are creating your resume with the employer in mind.

Perhaps the most important factor is how you sell yourself – and you really need to maximally sell your skills and achievements.

Of course, you may be wondering how to achieve the maximum by keeping an eye on the size of your resume and restricting the results to one-line bullets and not to multi-line entries.

A big job, but the best resume writers can do it.

Nobody said it was easy, but nothing about quality is easy, and quality life courses are no exception.