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Resume Layout

As you’ve probably read in these articles and on the internet, a great resume layout will not get you a job. What a good CV can do is an interview that leads to this job. What follows in the next posts are steps you must take to land this interview. Each of these steps can be subdivided into much more details, but we will keep it at a height of 10,000 feet for the purposes of this article.

1. Cover letter

Like milk and cookies, a good CV without a cover letter is incomplete. In short, the cover letter is designed to get the employer to read your resume layout (just like the resume you created will give you an interview). The cover letter also complements the CV you have worked so hard to add to the applicant, a more personal page. We will revisit this topic once again, though’s cover letter resources are a great starting resource for this topic. Tip: Be sure to address the cover letter to the person you want to read (HR manager, manager, etc.). You can find out their name / title by calling the company’s front desk or operator.

2. Find jobs that you can apply for

After reviewing your resume and writing a cover letter to persuade employers to read your resume, it’s time to find jobs that you can apply for. There are many places to look for a job. Here are some of the most common:

Networking / Word of mouth – Often touted as the best method. Talk to everyone you know from previous professions, as well as family and friends. Ask them if they know any vacancies in your area or anyone who could. If you find someone who has a lead for you, they may also be able to provide information to help you tailor your resume and cover letter to that particular position.