Career Goals Projects Examples

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Career-Goals-Projects-Examples Career Goals Projects Examples


Career Goals Projects Examples

To be happy and fulfill a true purpose, your goals should be reconciled with your deepest principles and values, as well as your most sincere dreams and desires.

High-Level Meta-Goals or Goals High-level meta-goals or goals usually express great, abstract ideas, such as health, contribution, love, ecstasy, pleasure, security, self-expression, prosperity, contentment.

These goals motivate us in all areas of our lives.

Some meta-goals:

o We want to look good.

o We want to feel good.

o We want to be right in everything we do.

o We want to feel safe.

o We want to avoid pain.

It is very important to be aware of our meta-or higher goals and the role they play in our lives. We have to realize that we can create our own meta-goals. Working with our own metacity gives us a unique purpose in life that goes beyond self-realization.

Goals and projects – Choosing the right career

Your goals must be determined by you. Your goals should not be things that you believe you want or that your parents or partners like. Take a look at your meta-goals when setting your career goals.

I want my career to take me to:

o Feel good.

o I want to be professional and do things right in my career.

o I want to be really happy at the end of every day.

o I want to climb the career ladder and have a high earning potential.

o I want my career to enable me to look after my family.

o I want my career to be in harmony with my life in order to achieve a good work-life balance.

————————————————– ———————————————-
————————————————– ———————————————–
————————————————– ———————————————–

Please enter your own meta-goals and honor them sincerely.

Set your career goals

o In my career I would like to actively enjoy my work at least 3 days a week.

This goal will honor the metaciel of contribution, contentment, self-expression, and joy. On the other days I do not mind that I’m not enjoying myself because I keep my meta-goals on three days a week and feel happy and fulfilled.

Your goal must be accurate

Goals are an intention, not a prediction. Goals focus on your energy and draw your attention to things that you want to achieve.

o My professional goal is to find a fun and rewarding career.

o I have 2 months to find a fun and rewarding career.

Manage your career target list

o Create monthly, weekly and daily goals to help you achieve your new career.


Apply every week for a new job.

Improve my CV.

Research about the company I am applying for.

Get ready for my interview.

o Review your list continuously and identify goals that you do not want to pursue.

o Mark the goals you have achieved.

This process is most effective when done every day.

Set goals that will stretch you

If you want reasonable success and satisfaction, you will create reasonable goals. If you want more, you have to stretch and have extraordinary goals.

o How far do you want to stretch?

o How extraordinary are you to be prepared?


o How can I stretch myself and make extraordinary things happen?

You might be looking for a mentor, someone who does what you want to do.

o Talk to them.

o Model what you do.

o You could hire a career coach.

Find a way to move your goal from impossible to possible.

Do not set unrealistic goals

Set your goals based on your willingness. This can sometimes be difficult and challenging, but take the challenges on your way and move forward and up.

Good luck and do not hesitate to contact Angela at 4u graduate care if you need guidance.